Stewardship Through the Seasons

AmeriCorps Stewardship Assistant Mollie Klepack took this photo of fiddleheads while working to clean up one of The Nature Conservancy's natural areas in the Upper Valley of Vermont.

Fiddleheads unfurl in the springtime sun in the Upper Valley of Vermont in a natural area that was hard-hit by Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011.

Ice and moss at Bond Island swamp make boundary marking in January an "otheworldly experience," say AmeriCorps members Mollie Klepack and Donia Prince.

The swamp was so frozen that Mollie and Donia were able to glide around the trees and mosses as they marked boundaries.

Beavers provided this sculpture at Bond Island.

Donia Prince says it was beautiful in the swamp, but after a day of shuffling along on the ice, she was ready to go home.