What Kids Are Saying

About the Wings & Water Wetlands Education Program

"I like it out here because you actually got to see it instead of just learning about it. I learned that I like duckweed – they’re cute!" Natalie Weed, 10

"The woolly bear catepillars, were woolly." Kenya C.

"I love to learn new things...Thank you!!!!" Angela Mendoza

"Sometimes in the classroom we wouldn’t know what the plants feel like and look like. You can feel and see and smell and know more here." Sarah Eatmon (in hat), 10

"The tower was very cool...I saw salt grass, cattails, bullrushes." Maisen

"My favorite thing was looking off of the big tower and seeing the guts on the railing." Saber

"I like being out here because you can actually experience it and feel how the animals feel in their habitat. When you look at first you think it’s barren, but when you look close you see tons of animals and signs of life." Joel Carpenter, 9

A poem by Kayli DeSena, 11, daughter of the Utah Chapter's Land Protection Specialist, Kara Butterfield.

"Look at this!" Cesar

"Wetlands are important because lots of birds depend on this place and, some species, there are more here than anywhere else." Marguerite Tate, 10

"Thank you for showing us so much stuff. Half of what you said I didn't know before and I was fascinated!" Aiden Sproul

"I really love studying the Snowey plover." Aaron Ojeda

"My favorite part was looking out and seeing all the biomes – wetlands, bogs, swamps, lakes and marshes. I like being out here because you can actually feel it, see it, and taste it." Clarissa Sebohn (center), 9

A thank you letter from Rosbitt, who is also apologizing for taking a wooly bear caterpillar during his Wings & Water Wetlands Education Program field trip.


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