Wings & Water

Program Policies and Requirements

Educator Expectations

By scheduling your class for a Wings & Water Tour at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, you are also agreeing to participate in the full Wings & Water program.  It is expected that you will incorporate the Student Discovery Guide and the associated lesson ideas in your Pre- and Post-Tour Activities as appropriate (see How to Participate in Wings & Water).  This will help to ensure a more fulfilling and enjoyable tour experience for your students.

Naturalist-Guided Tour Requirements

Guidelines for use of the Preserve
The Nature Conservancy’s preserve is private property, managed to protect native species and ecosystems.  While on our preserve, please respect the land and wildlife at all times. Also respect the rights of owners of adjacent properties.

Water Bottles and Backpacks
Students are permitted to bring water bottles and backpacks during the tour, but all water bottles should be able to be stored in a backpack for the duration of the tour.

Lunch and Snacks
Students will have time to eat at the USU Botanical Center before the afternoon portion of the trip. Each student should bring a sack lunch.  

Group Size and Organization
On each tour date, The Visitor Center can accommodate no more than 75 students.  The ideal tour group is between 50-60 students in size.  If your school has more than 75 students, you may be asked to schedule two separate tour dates.

Students will be divided into 3 or 4 smaller tour “pods” before arriving at the Visitor Center. Each student should have a nametag with their pod name clearly marked on it upon arriving for the tour.  All students should have their Student Discovery Guide with them during the tour. 

Accompanying Adults
We require 1 accompanying adult for every 10 students, not including the teacher and Naturalist Guides.  Adults who participate in the Wings & Water Tours should be prepared to act in both a supervisory role AND supportive educational role.  A letter explaining the role of accompanying adults will be available with your welcome pack. 

The Role of the Naturalist Guide
Naturalist Guides are volunteers for The Nature Conservancy and are not intended to have any disciplinary duties during the tour.  Although guides are trained and experienced in effective group management techniques, teachers and accompanying adults are solely responsible for supervising their students’ behavior.

Weather & Cancellations
Because Wings & Water tours are completely outdoors, inclement weather may affect scheduled tour dates.  The Conservancy reserves the right to abbreviate or cancel tours due to inclement weather.  In these cases, we will make every effort to work with your school to reschedule.

Emergency Contacts
The Nature Conservancy will provide teachers with a contact person and cell phone number for the day of the tour. Teachers must, in turn, provide The Nature Conservancy with a cell phone number for the day of the tour.

Teachers will be responsible for making sure that their students are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. The Conservancy is not responsible for providing protection against inclement weather. Suggestions for appropriate clothing are included in the Welcome Packet that will be sent along with the Student Discovery Guides.

Liability Waivers
Each participating student must have a parent or guardian sign a release waiver before attending the tour.  These may be in addition to any waiver that your school requires and MUST be submitted to The Nature Conservancy before the tour can begin.

More detailed instructions will be provided in the “welcome” letter that you receive after you schedule your Wings & Water tour.