Launching New Green Initiatives in Utah

“Around the globe, the Conservancy is helping to combat climate change, especially through science and policy initiatives.”

- Dave Livermore , Utah Chapter State Director

In December 2015, 150 world leaders convened in Paris for the purpose of coming to a global climate agreement. Their message was clear: the time for climate action is now, and the need is dire.

French President François Hollande set the tone for the discussion, stating, “Never have the stakes of an international meeting been so high, since what is at stake is the future of the planet, the future of life.”

The future of life, they agreed, relies on the international goal of keeping global warming below 2°C, which can only be achieved through each country’s commitment to shrinking their carbon footprint.

Shrinking our footprint in Utah

The Nature Conservancy in Utah, too, is looking at new strategies to reduce its footprint — from employee commuting practices, to facility design, to energy use.

The Utah Chapter’s new solar program aims to offset 100 percent of the energy use at its six main facilities by the end of 2016. Thanks to a generous donation from the John B. and Geraldine W. Goddard Family Foundation, our future looks greener than ever before. Through a grant from the Foundation, we will be able to install roof-mounted solar panels and ground-mount arrays at our main offices in Salt Lake City and Moab, as well as on other buildings at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve and the Dugout Ranch. By exploring solar energy as an alternative to electric power, we can also eliminate the need for diesel generators and explore the feasibility of selling power back to the grid.

The Utah Chapter is also helping to mitigate climate change on other fronts by funding clean energy groups, allowing employee telecommuting on red-air days and supporting policy changes.

“Around the globe, the Conservancy is helping to combat climate change, especially through science and policy initiatives,” says Dave Livermore, Utah Chapter State Director. “But as employees and individuals, we also make everyday choices that have a real impact.”

How can you help?

Together, we can make an impact by adjusting our habits, supporting green initiatives, and making all of our voices heard when it comes to making decisions about preserving our world — for people and nature.

The future of Utah’s energy use and air quality belongs to every one of us. By making greener, cleaner choices in our everyday lives, we can help mitigate the effects of climate change both here at home and around the world.

Use our carbon footprint calculator to estimate how many tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases your choices create each year to begin shrinking your footprint at home today.


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