The Nature Conservancy of Utah Staff

Dr. Nichole Barger - Science Committee Chairperson, Canyonlands Research Center

Allison Beesley - Internal Audit Manager

Sue Bellagamba - Canyonlands Regional Director (Moab Project Office)

Teri Black - Director of Operations

Pauline Blanchard - Executive Assistant

Jessica Brenner - Operations Specialist

Mark Brisky - Development Program Specialist

Chris Brown - Director of Stewardship

Kara Butterfield - Land Protection Specialist

Joan Degiorgio - Northern Mountains Regional Director

Mary Delle Gunn - Associate Director of Development

Elizabeth Kitchens - Director of Conservation Programs

Mike Kolendrianos - Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve Assistant

Dave Livermore - Utah State Director

Nikki Melanson - Director of Marketing

Sara Mortensen - Digital Content Marketing Manager

Heidi Mosburg - Director of Development

Andrea Nelson - Volunteer & Outreach Manager

Ann Neville - Northern Mountains Regional Director

Cat Prisbrey - Technology & Information Systems Technician

Courtney Rose - Paralegal

Nancy Sears - Associate Director of Development

Tracey Stone - Senior Media Relations Manager

Joel Tuhy - Conservation Science Director (Moab Project Office)

Linda Whitham - Central Canyonlands Program Manager (Moab Project Office)

Elaine York - West Desert Regional Director