Photography Field Trip

Photography professor Jerod Foster recently took his students out to the Conservancy's Dolan Falls and Independence Creek preserves. Check out the beautiful images these students captured on their trip!

"Having the opportunity to visit and photograph Dolan Falls and Independence Creek has been one of the most transforming experiences I have been able to participate in." -- Rebecca Ray

"Experiencing the Nature Conservancy at both Dolan falls and Independence Creek was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." -- Garrett Menichini

"This land, an actual desert oasis, is a photographer’s dream as it provides not only breathtaking views, but also pristine examples of wildlife and vegetation." -- David Morris

"The wonders of Oasis Ranch and Dolan Falls just blew me away—it was such an honor to stay there." -- Joe Fazio

"Living in Texas for over 20 years I have never seen any parts of the state that are so pure and flawless." -- Garrett Menichini

"The pristine state of both Dolan Falls and Oasis Ranch made capturing images of the areas completely honest. Each day provided a new perspective of the same area photographed the day before, making for unforgettable images and memories of the areas." -- Tia Wines

"My experiences at Dolan Falls and Oasis Ranch are unforgettable." -- Peter Longno

"My time at Dolan Falls was one of the more enjoyable moments while taking the photography course in Junction. I do not know if I received more delight shooting the falls or jumping from them." -- Trace Thomas

"From the roaring rapids of Dolan Falls to the calm waters of Independence Creek, both areas display unseen attractions of Texas." -- Peter Longno

"The Oasis Ranch on the Independence Creek is like another world, bringing to mind the days of an open range and an unknown frontier." -- David Morris

"Being out in nature and away from technology gave me the opportunity to really enjoy what was around me, and it was so relaxing and calming." -- Catherine McLaughlin

"The Earth has so many qualities that make it unique and beautiful, like its majestic landforms, marvelous oceans and magnificent plants and creatures." -- Jason Velez

"The few days spent at Dolan Falls and Oasis Ranch helped me to grasp my passion for photography." -- Jacqueline Fierro

"I will always value my experience building not only photographic and storytelling skills but also strengthening relationships with my fellow classmates during our common pursuit." -- Anton R. Gereau II

"Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to photograph a land I’ve never seen, but will now always hold a special place in my heart." -- Corie Williams


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