Hurricane Harvey

Statement from The Nature Conservancy on Hurricane Harvey and Related Disaster

August 29, 2017

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve already seen historic, unprecedented rain and flooding that is, unfortunately, ongoing. The level of destruction is immense; the safety and wellbeing of residents across the region continues to be the top priority right now. 

We want to thank first responders, emergency service staff, and volunteers all across Texas and the region who have come together to help during this difficult time. What is happening on this front is truly amazing. 

To those of you wondering how you can help, this article has some useful resources.  

It’s too early to fully assess the damage to Southeast Texas, Louisiana and Houston in particular, but to the extent that Nature Conservancy staff are qualified and able to assist, we will be doing so for months, even years, to come. 

Lastly, some of our friends and colleagues have inquired about the hurricane's impacts at The Nature Conservancy. We do have several preserves along the coast; however, we’re grateful to report that all of our staff and their families in these areas safely evacuated.