Tally Wilderness Area & Dobbs Creek Preserve

Access to Tally Wilderness Area is not permitted, but the Dobbs Creek Preserve is open to the public. Dogs are allowed on leash at Dobbs Creek Preserve.

Pickett County, adjacent to Pickett State Forest

Why the Conservancy Selected This Site
Although we have no biological data as of yet, these are classic examples of northern Cumberland Plateau native hardwood forests.  They include caves, forest bird habitat, and cove hardwood habitat.

What the Conservancy Has Done/Is Doing
When Mr. Tally gave the land to the Tennessee Chapter, both parties agreed upon restrictions limiting the development of the land, essentially making it a true wilderness area.

To Visit
Please contact the Tennessee Chapter headquarters in Nashville for information on visiting Dobbs Creek. tn@tnc.org or (615) 383-9909.