Obed River and Stone Preserve

The Obed Wild & Scenic River is a rugged natural area protected by the National Park Service. The Conservancy has 4 preserves along the river, including Stone Preserve.

A swift stretch of the Obed River runs along The Nature Conservancy's Russell preserve.

In addition to areas of whitewater rapids, the Obed River is famous for its calm quiet pools.

A top-of-the-gorge view from one of our nature preserves on Clear Creek, a protected tributary of the Obed River.

Giant sandstone boulders, some as large as houses, lie within the thick forests of The Nature Conservancy's Stone Preserve.

The boulders and large rocks at Stone Preserve are popular places to go "bouldering" (boulder climbing).

The green salamander's speckled coloring allows it to blend in with the moss and lichen on a rock face at Stone Preserve.

A view of a path at The Nature Conservancy's Stone Preserve.

A massive sandstone boulder looms like an approaching ship at Stone Preserve.

A close-up of the lush vegetation that blankets the ground at The Nature Conservancy's Stone Preserve.

Sunlight filters through the dense forest, illuminating the trees, plants and boulders of Stone Preserve. 


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