If Trees Could Sing

Amy Grant & the Pecan Tree

Amy Grant talks about the pecan tree and the benefits that trees provide us.

Pecan Bark

The tree's bark is gray-brown with deep fissures and scaly ridges.

Pecan Leaves

This tree's leaves are long and oval with finely serrated edges.

The pecan tree's tasty nuts make it the most economically valuable nut tree in the U.S.

Amy Grant

Amy Grant is well-known as a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and recording artist in both Christian music and pop. She has been one of the leading stars in Christian music since her recording career began as a teenager in the late 70s, and she has also had a major impact as a pop singer with songs like "Baby Baby" and "Every Heartbeat." Her latest album is Be Still and Know... Hymns and Faith. Amy did her video for us at Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Pecan Facts:

  • Scientific name: Carya illinoinensis
  • Range: orig. Mississippi valley and west into Texas; now across much of the U.S.
  • Height: up to 140 ft.
  • Nuts: long, thin-shelled, brown nut
  • Fall colors: yellow

You Can Take Care of Trees Like the Pecan

Mighty Cool Tree Fact

Did you know... research studies show that a walk in a forest will measurably lower a person's stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate?


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