South Dakota

Even Ordway Prairie's Buildings are Green

Our headquarters and workshop buildings at Ordway Prairie help conserve water and energy. 

In keeping with the Conservancy’s mission, these two buildings, were constructed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, and help demonstrate how new technologies and practices can be replicated in area homes.

The buildings were designed by the firm GreenWave Architecture in Madison, Wisconsin. Building materials were sourced locally in South Dakota.

Sustainable Building Practices

The structures have sustainable design features that can easily be incorporated into into rural construction projects, such as passive solar, ground source heat and the use of recyclable materials, energy efficient fixtures and appliances.

Part of the headquarters building provides lodging for interns, burn and research crews as well as visiting staff and volunteers.

The community classroom is the only space of its kind in the area for conservation meetings, school groups and local gatherings, and an ideal showcase to promote prairie conservation.