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Easier and Smarter Retirement Giving

CPA Pam Pollitt believes in thinking ahead when it comes to finances and nature.

Thinking about the future comes naturally to longtime certified public accountant Pam Pollitt.

“It’s part of my makeup,” she says. “That’s why I began supporting The Nature Conservancy. The Earth won’t go on if we don’t care for it.”

Thanks to a law passed by Congress in late 2016, Pollitt now can offer her clients a new planning tool: qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from their IRAs.

“If you’re above 70 and a half, you can reduce your taxable income – and still take the standard deduction – by giving part of your required minimum distribution to charity,” she explains. “It’s a win for the charity and for the individual.”

Prior to 2016, Congress had to pass a law annually to allow QCDs for that year only. Now that the law is permanent, Pollitt predicts more people will give through QCDs.

“The opportunity was there before, but it was a scramble,” Pollitt says. “Now it’s something I can be proactive about sharing with my clients who are charitably inclined.”

Pollitt has taken her own advice. Last year she began giving to the Conservancy in South Carolina through her own IRA.

“I don’t need all of my distribution to live on,” she says. “This way I’m able to give money to charities I choose while I’m still alive. What better way to feel I’ve made a contribution to the people of South Carolina?”

Contact the Conservancy’s gift-planning experts at (843) 937-8807 x 14 for a personalized proposal that maximizes your philanthropic impact.

The Conservancy cannot render tax or legal advice. We recommend speaking with your financial advisor before making any charitable gift. 


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