Fresh Swamp Preserve

Located in the middle of the southern part of the island this preserve is composed of meadow and upland shrub habitat. The Fresh Swamp is an aquifer recharge area and the site of the Town of New Shoreham well fields. This preserve was conserved by The Nature Conservancy with the help the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. 


The preserve has butterfly weed—a rare milkweed species on Block Island. Other species that occur on the property include arrowwood, high bush blueberry, shadbush, little bluestem, switch grass, and many different types of wildflowers.


The preserve is an important feeding area for the state endangered barn owl. The state endangered northern harrier nests on the property. Other species of interest that occur on the property are the Block Island meadow vole, savannah sparrow, and the federally endangered American burying beetle.


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