Science and Research Opportunities

Rigorous science is the hallmark of The Nature Conservancy and its 720 staff scientists.  Based on the best available scientific information, The Nature Conservancy sets long-term goals for the abundance and geographic distribution of species and ecological systems necessary to ensure the long-term survival of all biodiversity on Earth.

We measure our effectiveness by answering two questions: "How is the biodiversity doing?" and "Are our actions having the intended impact?" Tracking progress toward our goals and evaluating the effectiveness of our strategies and actions provide the feedback we need to adjust our goals, priorities and strategies and chart new directions.  
By partnering with professors and students at local universities across Pennsylvania, we can provide valuable field experience that will produce lasting conservation results.  The aim is to create a world in which the ecosystems that sustain all life — people as well as plants and animals — are valued and endure for generations to come.
For a current list of projects, please contact Molly Anderson at molly_anderson@tnc.org or 717) 418-9518.