Long Eddy

Long Eddy’s cliffs mark the boundary between Pennsylvania and New York.

Located in a remote section of the Upper Delaware River, the Long Eddy River Edges Preserve’s vertical cliffs mark the boundary between Pennsylvania and New York, and represent one of The Nature Conservancy’s most scenic preserves.

Emerging from the steep sandstone and shale slopes, a steady flow of groundwater nourishes a variety of plants. Ferns and lichens thrive in this acidic, rock-strewn setting, which also harbors rare miner’s lettuce—a plant usually witnessed further west in the Rocky Mountains. A remnant patch of old-growth forest blanketed with vibrant wildflowers surrounds the cliffs with northern hardwoods, including sugar maple, beech and yellow birch.

In 1990, The Nature Conservancy acquired 122 acres to establish the Long Eddy River Edges preserve, and to monitor and protect one of the only known populations of miner’s lettuce in the eastern United States. Soon after, conservation easements on an additional 566 acres—including 1.6 miles of river frontage—were secured to further safeguard this unique habitat.

While secluded, the Long Eddy River Edges Preserve requires assistance with maintaining its pristine surroundings. That’s why The Nature Conservancy works with local conservation-minded landowners and organizations to protect this broad stretch of river, with its forested slopes and spectacular waterfalls, for future generations.

What You’ll See/At Stake
An upslope dominated by a northern hardwood forest of sugar maple, beech and yellow birch, interspersed with black cherry, Canadian hemlock and eastern white pine. The lower half of the slope contains a northern hardwood-conifer forest comprised of Canadian hemlock, sugar maple, beech, basswood and striped maple. Wildflowers, including golden saxifrage and jack-in-the-pulpit. Osprey and bald eagle.

770 acres

Wayne County, 8 miles northeast of the village of Priceville, Pennsylvania.

Invasive species. Forest pests and pathogens.

Monitoring ecologically significant plants and animals.

Acquisition of 122 acres of land and an additional 566 acres in conservation easements in 1990.

Things to Do
The Long Eddy River Edges Preserve is not open to the public due to the fragile nature of the habitat.  However, interested conservationists may view the site during a volunteer workday.

Delaware Highlands Conservancy

P.O. Box 55 Long Pond Road
Long Pond, Pennsylvania 18334
(570) 643-7922 (phone)
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