Celebrating Oregon's History of Conservation: the 2010s

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Hear Judi Johansen, current trustee and future board chair, on the future.

Judi Johansen is a trustee slated to become chair of our board in 2013. Hear her thoughts on the future.

Back in 1961 our leaders weren’t thinking about a role for public investments in conservation. But in 1998, the Conservancy led the way to pass a measure dedicating 15% of the lottery to parks and natural areas.

In taking that action, Oregonians not only created our first and only fund dedicated to conservation, we also planted the seeds for watershed councils, local land trusts, communities and businesses to grow a restoration economy that’s creating thousands of jobs for Oregonians.

And just last year, we again took the lead on Measure 76 to renew Oregon’s dedicated conservation fund — a pledge to future generations that they will have the resources to be good stewards of our natural heritage.

We also recently closed on our most expensive transaction ever: 1,270 acres where the Middle and Coast forks of the Willamette River meet near Eugene. Called the Willamette Confluence,  this property represents an extraordinary opportunity to restore habitats for endangered fish and wildlife in and around six miles of river.

Yes, dikes will come down to reconnect the river and floodplain. But we can’t promise more explosives. We’ll just follow the science.

At this threshold between our past and our future, we thought to include one more voice, Judi Johansen, who became chair of our board in 2013.

Let’s listen to what Judi has to say about the future.

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