Best of 2016

A Year In Review Through Photos

Yes on 99

We were honored to be a part of the "Yes on 99" campaign that led to the passing of Measure 99. With this historic vote, Oregon became the first state in the nation to provide week-long Outdoor School education for all students. Educators, community organizations and businesses from all 36 of Oregon counties endorsed the measure.


Measuring Flow

As part of their effort to study groundwater management, Biohydrologist Zach Freed and Freshwater Scientist Allison Aldous measure flow from a stream in the Crooked River basin. 


Science Is Fun!

Freshwater Scientist Allison Aldous balances serious data collection with ensuring a fun day in the field. 

Central Oregon Sunset

A sunset and the sweeping view of Bend, Oregon, from atop Bessie Butte is hard to beat. 


Prescribed fire is used to restore the prairie and oak savanna habitat at our Willamette Confluence Preserve near Eugene. 

Burn Boss

Oregon's Fire Manager Amanda Stamper collaborates with Conservancy staff during the Conservancy's Southern Rockies Wildland Fire Module. 


Dear Oregon Coast

2016 marked the 50th anniversary of our Cascade Head Preserve, one of our first preserve's in Oregon. This anniversary sparked a digital love fest that garnered 2,000 love letters to the Oregon Coast. 


Cascade Head 50th anniversary celebrations included commissioning this sculpture, Pacifica, by Artist Nancy Judd. Pacifica represents the land-ocean connection at Cascade Head, pictured in the background here. 

Healthy Forests

Sycan Marsh Project Director Craig Bienz works with local contractors to help thin forests at Sycan Marsh. These efforts are part of the Conservancy's larger effort to double the pace of forest restoration
to at least 7 million acres a year across 23 states.


Fire-Adapted Forests

By 2021, we hope to increase the quality, pace and scale of fire-adapted forest restoration in Oregon by 25 percent. 

Zumwalt Antler Shed

Each year  members of the community gather at Zumwalt Prairie in search for antlers shed by bull elk each spring. They’re collected by community members and sold to benefit the local 4-H and FFA groups.


Midway Barn

A wintry scene of the new structure standing on the old foundation of "Midway Barn," which was mid-way from Enterprise, OR, to Imnaha, OR, on the old stage coach road. A bustling area in the day, travelers stopped here to recharge.


Redside Shiner

Native redside shiner fish have returned to our Willamette Confluence Preserve after recent restoration work to re-connect floodplain channels. 


This innovative fishing gear is designed to catch target species while allowing others to escape. 

Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future

We were proud to host three LEAF groups this year, including these two lovely ladies Alma Jones and Natasha Koomen. 


Stand Together

Our conservation successes are never our own. Thank you to our thousands of volunteers and members who fueled a successful 2016! 


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