Ohio Wildflowers

Great Angelica

Towering over most flowers at three meters high, the great Angelica boasts lively, star-shaped blooms!

Water Avens

Look for water avens in wet woodlands and marvel at their quite unique, bell-shaped flowers.

Grass-Pink Orchid

Grass-pink orchids love the edges of marshy areas; spot one and look close to see if it’s trapped a bee to improve its chances for pollination!

Marsh Marigold

Often found in marshy areas at Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve, the marsh marigold is easy to spot with its vibrant, yellow petals.


Early-spring bloomers and the official wildflower of Ohio, trillium can be found along the woodland floor at Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve.

Virginia Meadow Beauty

The Virginia meadow beauty is easy to spot with its colorful, elongated anthers and thrives in sunny wetlands.

Hyssop Skullcap

The hyssop skullcap gets its name from the hood-like petal that covers most of the flower when it blooms; this showy flower can be spotted in fields and open woods during early summer.

Blue Lupine

The blue lupine, a flower crucial to the survival of the beautiful Karner blue butterfly, is quite a sight to see when its bright colors bloom in the spring at Kitty Todd Preserve.

Calla Lilly

It's no surprise that the name calla lily comes from a Greek word for beauty. You can search for the beloved flower, with its ivory white petals and lush green leaves at Morgan Swamp Preserve.

Pink Lady’s Slipper

The expansive, 18,000-acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, boasts a botanically rich landscape. Wildflowers abound here, including the beautiful, delicate pink lady’s slipper.


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