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The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

The Nature Conservancy envisions Ohio thriving with healthy streams, wetlands and forests that will help revitalize the globally significant Great Lakes and Ohio River. With partners, we will conserve the most vital freshwater and forest habitats in Ohio and support the conservation of related habitats beyond our borders.

Since 1958, the Conservancy has protected more than 60,000 acres of critical natural lands in Ohio including many lands now in public protection. To learn more about our work, click on the listings below.  You can also view a map of our project areas

Go take a hike!  Visit one of the Conservancy's Open Preserves in Ohio.

Western Lake Erie Basin - Northwest Ohio

Imagine Lake Erie's western basin shimmering with clean water and lined with nourishing wetlands inhabited by colorful birds and other wildlife.  The public benefits from clean drinking water, sport fishing, birding and recreational boating.  Visitors enjoy the marinas and beaches while tens of thousands of waterfowl and songbirds stop to rest and refuel during their semiannual migrations. 

Great Egret Marsh Preserve - open preserve
Kitty Todd Preserve - open preserve
Habitat protection for migratory birds

Central Lake Erie Watersheds - Northeast Ohio

Imagine wetlands and forests lining the Grand River and other biologically rich rivers of Northeast Ohio.  They provide critical wildlife habitat while filtering drinking water and controlling floods.  Landowners, conservation groups, community leaders and businesses work together to ensure that development occurs responsibly so that populations of snowshoe hare, river otter and other wildlife flourish. 

Brown's Lake Bog Preserve - open preserve
Herrick Fen Preserve  - open preserve
Morgan Swamp Preserve  - open preserve
Beck Fen Preserve
Flatiron Lake Bog Preserve
Lucia S. Nash Preserve
Stillfork Swamp Preserve

Upper Ohio River and Tributaries - Central & Southern Ohio

Imagine the Ohio River thriving with clean water and wildlife, providing water for energy transportation and drinking to communities throughout the watershed. Major tributaries flow unobstructed into this great river, allowing free movement of fish and freshwater mussels. For the first time, the locks and dams along the river are managed to encourage fish passage for sturgeon, paddlefish and other species.

Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve - open preserve
Darby Creek Watershed
Ohio River

Appalachian Foothill Forests - Southern Ohio

Imagine millions of acres of Ohio forests that are managed sustainably to support jobs, timber and habitat for animals like bear, bobcat and dozens of migratory bird species. These forests clean our air and drinking water while soaking up heat-trapping gases. Families reconnect with nature in these woods and reaffirm their way of life by camping, fishing and hunting.

Edge of Appalachia Preserve System - open preserve
Sunshine Corridor Project
Baker Swamp Preserve
Glade Wetland Preserve


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