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The Nature Conservancy has protected more than 715,000 acres in North Carolina, from the Outer Banks to the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains.

Our Priorities: We're thinking big, and we are asking you to think big with us.


Our whole systems are regions of work with a unifying ecological feature, such as the longleaf pine forest, where we are working to protect high value conservation areas and their surrounding land and waters.  In each of these systems, we are using science to build resiliency and meet the needs of people as we tie each aspect of our workfrom land protection to policy engagementto place.

Albemarle-Pamlico Sounds
This northeastern system includes the headwaters of the Chowan River, the lower 137 miles of the Roanoke River and an additional 7 blackwater rivers in North Carolina. Learn more >

Southern Blue Ridge
This is a region of extremes, featuring both the oldest river in North America and the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. In addition to our acquisition work, we are partnering across the mountains with the Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina chapters to ensure the Southern Blue Ridge is well managed. Learn more >

Longleaf Pine
Encompassing the Sandhills, Southeast Coastal Plain, and Onslow Bight, this system has an incredible array of plants and animals. Unfortunately, longleaf pine and the wildlife that depend on the trees have been severely damaged by fire suppression. We are bringing good fire back to the land. Learn more >


Our state is at particular risk from the effects of one of the world's most urgent challenges: climate change. Guided by science, we are engaging local communities, governments, the private sector, and our partners to find innovative on-the-ground practices and policy solutions that will protect our coastline for people and for nature. Learn more >


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