Carvers Creek State Park

2,829 acres in Cumberland County

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Contact: NC Geographical Survey, 1612 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699
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The NC Division of Parks & Recreation is creating this state park.  See their website for the latest information.

Click here to read "Operation Knock on Wood," a feature on our red-cockaded woodpecker recovery efforts.


In 2001, The Nature Conservancy purchased the 1,173-acre Carver's Creek Preserve in Cumberland County, just north of Fayetteville on the eastern edge of the Sandhills. The preserve protects a mosaic of Sandhills communities, including pine/scrub oak sandhill, and wetland areas such as seeps, stream pocosins and a small swamp. The natural area is home to several active red-cockaded woodpecker colonies and several populations of Sandhills pyxie-moss.

The Nature Conservancy is a member of the North Carolina Sandhills Conservation Partnership, a group of local, state and federal partners working to conserve, protect and enhance the unique ecology of the Sandhills.

One of the most endangered ecosystems in the country, the remaining longleaf habitat is threatened by conversion to loblolly pine plantations, development and fire suppression.

Longleaf pine savannas can support as many as 50 different plant species in one square meter. Fire is woven into the life cycles of many plants and animals; longleaf seedlings can only germinate in an open, fire-maintained understory, while red-cockaded woodpeckers nest almost exclusively in mature stands of fire-dependent longleaf.

To protect North Carolina's largest and most intact longleaf commuities, The Nature Conservancy has targeted the Sandhills region, home to 250 birds, 67 mammal, and 83 reptile and amphibian species.

Visit the NC Division of Parks and Recreation for information.

The NC Division of Parks and Recreation is creating this state park.  See their website for the latest information.



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