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Adirondacks: Come Explore These Great Places

Boreas Ponds
Bordering the High Peaks Wilderness Area, this spectacular 20,758-acre property is available to everyone for outdoor recreation, including hiking, paddling and fishing.

Essex Chain of Lakes
With more than nine lakes and ponds, 14.7 miles of Hudson River shoreline and 8.5 miles of Cedar River shoreline, this tract is open for fishing, hunting, paddling and camping.

OK Slip Falls
One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Adirondack Park, OK Slip is part of a 2,800-acre property that is now available to everyone for hiking and other outdoor pursuits.

Hudson River Gorge
Blue Ledge, deep within the Hudson River Gorge, is part of the same tract as OK Slip Falls. This rock wall of one-billion year-old Grenville marble is a biological hotspot, sustaining rare plants such as Steller’s cliffbrake.

Upper Hudson River
State ownership allows for new access and take-out points that make this enticing stretch of the upper Hudson a viable option for paddlers to experience calmer waters than the class IIII/ IV rapids further downriver.

Indian River and Hudson River
The most exciting and popular whitewater rafting experience in the Adirondacks starts on the Indian River and travels through this tract before continuing for nearly 15 miles down the Hudson Gorge. This tract provides new access to the Indian and Hudson rivers as well as hiking opportunities to Pine Lake and Cedar River.

Thousand-Acre Swamp
This 1,250-acre Saratoga County tract provides habitat for moose and a host of other wildlife.

Sugarloaf Mountain
A section of the popular 120-mile Northville-Placid trail passes through this rugged tract, and rock climbers have access to the exposed cliffs on the eastern side.

Daniels Road Tract
Daniels Road, a 900-acre property outside of the Adirondack Park and just north of the City of Saratoga Springs, is popular for mountain biking.