Best Bike Rides in Nature

These are some of our favorite places to cycle in nature around New York

Bike Log: This is a paved, 454-mile National Scenic Byway that parallels the shorelines of Lake Eric and Lake Ontario. Nature Log: Take a 15-minute detour off the southern end of the Seaway trail toward the El Dorado Beach Preserve, which offers stunning views of the lake and a chance to see a variety of shore birds.

Bike Log: Take this flat, 30 mile, double loop tour for an easy ride that passes through beautiful beaches and a boat basis. Nature log: The trail features beaches, pine barrens, deciduous forests, and tidal marshes. Be sure to keep an eye out for deer, fox, raccoon, opossum, egret, kingfisher and many other species you may spot along your ride.

Bike Log: As the only trail on the Greenbelt that allows biking, this mostly flat, unpaved 2.6-mile circuit is an easy ride for most cyclists. Nature Log: The 2,500-acre Greenbelt boasts glacial ponds, woodlands, and swamps that offer a rich diversity of wildlife such as the red shouldered hawk and wild pagonia.

Bike Log: Connecting two magnificent New York State Parks, take this 28-mile route traverses the rolling countryside. Nature Log: Your ride will take you through 12 cascades in Treman State Park, wooded backroads, and Taughannock Falls, which drops 215 feet.

Bike Log: A 4-mile-long path makes for a lovely 8-mile round trip ride with impressive views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Nature Log: Beautiful waterfront views and wonderful parks line this entire route. Soak up the sun by resting in the grass or on benches to take in the natural beauty around you.

Bike Log: At the heart of the city, New Yorkers can enjoy three routes of 6.1, 5.2, and 1.7 miles each, with a variety of hilly and flat terrain. Nature Log: Seven water bodies, woodlands that boast 24,000 trees, and more than 275 bird species will make you forget you’re smack dab in the middle of New York City.

Bike Log: From NYC to Brewster, NY this path stretches 47.2-miles. Relatively flat, this path allows riders to enjoy a scenic, car-free route. Nature Log: Enjoy both the shade of deciduous trees and open space. These trailways provide cyclists access to various Westchester Parks.

Bike Log: Choose one of two long-distance trails: The 14-mile Outer Loop or the 7-mile Kunjamuck Loop, which passes by the mysterious Kunjamuck Cave. Nature Log: The Loop takes you through Adirondack State Park, where you can explore the always-picturesque landscape of the single largest conservation project in New York.

Bike Log: This Hudson River path covers more than 11 miles of Manhattan and is part of the longest car-free bike path in New York City. Nature Log: The Hudson River is the defining natural feature of southeastern New York. The admirable grandeur of the parks and historic sites make the greenway a perfect springtime ride.