Lands and Forests

Conserving Critical Lands in the Granite State

From the sandy coastline of southeastern New Hampshire to the mountains and backwoods of the northern forest, from our fertile farmlands to cities built along mighty rivers, the Granite State way of life is tied to our diverse lands.

New Hampshire’s forests provide life-essential services — filtering our air and water and absorbing carbon from our atmosphere. The natural beauty of the Commonwealth provides the cornerstone of a $1.2 billion-a-year tourism industry. And the quality of life and economic security supported by nature make Massachusetts an ideal place to live and do business.

Of course, these lands offer critical habitat for natural communities as well.

Our forests have experienced a remarkable comeback since being cleared for pasture and farm fields and are a critical link in the vast, green ecological highway we call the Appalachians. And our coasts offer habitat to rare plants and animals, and migratory stopovers for myriad bird species.

Now these critical lands face threats from unsustainable development and climate change that could be more permanent — and more devastating — than anything they’ve had to face in the past.

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