Culvert Ops of the Tidal Kind

Introducing New Hampshire's Tidal Crossing Assessment Protocol.

Why did the scientist cross the road? To see if the road crossing affects tidal flow, of course! Introducing New Hampshire's Tidal Crossing Assessment Protocol—a new tool we’ve designed with the NHDES Coastal Program with a grant from NOAA to evaluate the current condition of tidal crossings (think: culverts and bridges that are influenced by the ebb and flow of tides) around the seacoast.

While some tidal crossings are well-designed and allow for the tide to move in and out, others are undersized, obstructed or falling apart. The protocol will standardize how these crossings are assessed and help stakeholders—including state and federal agencies, towns, conservation groups and more—prioritize them for improvement or replacement across coastal New Hampshire. The ultimate goal? To ensure that our tidal crossings are equipped to handle the impacts of a changing climate.

Download New Hampshire's Tidal Crossing Assessment Protocol and check it out for yourself!


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