Murray-Douglas Project

Photos by Kenton Rowe.

Murray-Douglas project.

Lupine in full splendor on the project land.

The land is excellent habitat for elk.

Lazuli Bunting is one species found on this project land.

It takes a team to put together a project this ambitious. Gene Coughlin, Tracy Manley, Steve Kloetzel (TNC), Chris Bryant (TNC), Jay Kolbe (FWP), Camille Coughlin, and Jay Coughlin.

Working ranches and forests are part of this project.

Two ranch families were essential partners in conserving this extraordinary place.

Camille and Jay Coughlin, Blackfoot River Ranch.

Sheila, Tracy, John, and Cody Manley, Manley Ranch.

A Killdeer guards its nest.

The next generation: Killdeer nest.

The next generation: Colby and John Manley.


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