Grizzlies Make a Comeback

Montana's Rocky Mountain Front

Grizzly specialist Mike Madel examines a tranquilized grizzly on Montana's Rocky Mountain Front. The big male was nicknamed "Maximus" and was, at the time, the largest bear ever captured on the Front.

The fact that a bear this big & old hasn't run into conflict with people is testament to the excellent habitat and management of grizzlies on the Front.

Maximus is back up and on his way after the examination.

Grizzly bears were found in Texas and New Mexico as recently as the late 1800's.

Today grizzlies are found in a tiny fraction of their historic range. On Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, they are beginning to move out farther onto the prairie than they have been in a century.

The healthy prairie and rich wetlands of Montana's Rocky Mountain Front offer bears a sumptuous banquet.

Grizzly birth rates are especially high on the Front, a sign that the habitat is healthy and in tact.

Ranchers are helping protect grizzlies on the Front by altering ranch activities to prevent conflicts between bears, humans and livestock.

Grizzlies are denning on the prairie again after being almost removed from this traditional range.

Bears scramble out of den on the Rocky Mountain Front.

Bear biologist Mike Madel investigates a bear den with another researcher and a Karelian bear dog.

Bears on the Conservancy's Pine Butte Swamp Preserve, Montana.

Grizzly tracks.


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