Conservation Buyers

Conservation buyers are individuals searching for natural lands in which to invest financial resources while protecting the property's natural and biological resources. Many discerning private, conservation-minded individuals have an interest in or passion for some aspects of nature, such as bird watching, trout fishing, and restoration projects, making them a natural conservation partner for the Conservancy. That is why the Conservancy is focused on trying to connect private buyers with natural places to further sustain long-term biological diversity. Conservation easements are used to make sure the land and its important natural features are protected in perpetuity by the conservation buyer.

Conservation properties in Montana
Polebridge Palace -- Flathead County 

Conservancy policy requires that all conservation buyer properties ultimately be protected with a conservation easement satisfactory to The Nature Conservancy. This requirement may be met in one of two ways when the properties are sold:
  1. the sale of the property to the buyer will be subject to a conservation easement satisfactory to the Conservancy that will have been placed on the property at or prior to the time of sale; or,
  2. the property is sold at its unrestricted value without the conservation easement but the prospective buyer will be expected to donate a conservation easement satisfactory to the Conservancy at some point in the future and the Conservancy will reserve an option in the sale documents to acquire the conservation easement for nominal consideration to ensure that the gift is made.

    Descriptive notes about each property will include information under pricing about the sales approach being used for that particular property. Please check with "Property Contact" for additional details. All properties will be sold at or above fair market value as determined by an independent appraisal. 


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