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Why Andrea Silverman Gives Back to Nature

Each contributor to The Nature Conservancy has a story about why they give back to nature—to leave a legacy, to support our mission, to help protect our world.

Andrea Silverman has dedicated herself to the mission, both professionally and financially.

Read her story below and then begin your own story! Help inspire others as you've inspired us.

Andrea Silverman knows that a little bit of anything can go a long way. A little effort on a small weed problem can prevent a huge infestation. The right changes made to a fence can mean a safer migration route for elk, pronghorn, and Sage-grouse. And a small, regular donation to conservation can support large-scale protection of the most special places.

Andrea supports The Nature Conservancy in Montana as a monthly sustainer. “I like giving monthly because it allows me to give more money over the course of the year,” she says. “If I made a one-time gift, I wouldn’t be able to give as much.”

Originally from upstate New York, Andrea moved to remote Southwest Montana in 2002 to work as a summer intern for The Nature Conservancy. Her job in Montana’s Centennial and Big Hole Valleys focused mostly on pulling and spraying invasive weeds, as well as replacing fencing. She came back for another summer of weeds and fencing the next year. While living in Southwest Montana, Andrea met her future husband, Joel, a fishing guide on the world-class fly-fishing streams in the area.

After graduate school and several moves, Andrea and Joel settled in Helena where she now works as the Land Protection Specialist for Helena’s Prickly Pear Land Trust.

“I’ve been aware of the Conservancy’s good work for a long time. I was thrilled when I worked as an intern in Montana and got to see their accomplishments first-hand; and I am proud to support them every month.”

She also understands that achieving conservation that endures depends on the commitment of everyone who cares about nature, regardless of their ability to give.

“I know I’m not in the major-donor category, though I would love to be some day. It’s important for the Conservancy to have a lot of members in order to effectively do their work. A few of those members will give big gifts, and a whole lot of us will give smaller gifts that add up. I know I’m part of a bigger picture.”

How You Can Help
You can be part of the bigger picture by becoming a monthly contributor to The Nature Conservancy in Montana. Thank you!


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