Don't Fence Me In!

Remote cameras are helping The Nature Conservancy in Montana and are partnering ranchers and scientists figure out how to make fences safer for wildlife. All of these shots, except the bear cub, were captured on the Conservancy's Matador Ranch.

Fences that are too high or with loose wires can pose problems even for big bull elks like this guy.

Loose and low wires on fences can prove deadly to young animals that cant' jump over and can get tangle in their attempts.

Fortunately, Matador Ranch manager Charlie Messerly spotted this little guy when he was traveling and had a wire cutter ready to produce a happy ending.

Pronghorn aren't adapted to jump over fences, they need to go under, so low bottom fence wires can present serious obstacles.

Pronghorn herds have been known to search a fence line for days looking for a place to cross, burning precious calories during severe winter months .

Wildlife friendly fences allow pronghorn to go under them without injury.

Fences can create problems for young animals unable to go over or under them.

Swainson's Hawk comes in for a landing.

Nose to nose.

Merlin perches on fence.


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