Economies rely on healthy woodlands. Earth’s forests provide millions of jobs, create wildlife habitat, capture carbon, and secure freshwater, but the health of this critical resource is threatened by unsustainable activities.

In the Missouri Ozarks, the Conservancy addresses conservation challenges using strategies that benefit nature and local communities. We are committed to building strong partnerships to improve the health of our forests and our economies.

The Conservancy works with:

  • The timber industry to implement sustainable harvest practices
  • Public agencies and private landowners to put best land management practices in place, such as safe and effective use of prescribed fires
  • Private landowners to implement voluntary conservation easements, which permanently protect specified conservation or historical features while allowing continued farming, ranching, forestry, residential, and/or recreational use
By the Numbers

100,000: Acres where we work with landowners to secure the Current River watershed

600: Jobs that will be supported by our Pine Knot project with the U.S. Forest Service

> 5,000: Acres of Conservancy forestland with seasonal hunting access

1,500,000: Recreational visitors to the Current River each year


Hoar Frost at Dunn Ranch Prairie

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