Meramec River Conservation Action Plan

The Meramec River is an irreplaceable freshwater resource and a key tributary to the Mississippi River.

Four years.  Twenty-nine conservation stakeholders.  The Meramec River Conservation Action Plan is a blueprint that unifies conservation efforts in the Meramec River Basin. The plan comprehensively identifies and prioritizes: 1) target conservation resources, 2) current health of those resources, 3) problems affecting the resources, 4) the source of these problems, and 5) the best actions maximizing the benefit and long-term protection, restoration, and conservation of the Meramec River and its aquatic resources. 

The plan was derived from over 40 existing conservation plans, policies, and publications related to resource management in the Meramec River Basin. Businesses, government agencies, private landowners, and conservation organizations can use the plan to determine best practices to protect, restore, and conserve the Meramec River's aquatic resources.

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  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Conservation Targets for the Meramec River
  4. Health of Meramec River Targets
  5. Factors Degrading Meramec River Targets
  6. Taking Action to Conserve the Meramec River
  7. Next Steps for Implementing the Plan
  8. References


  1. Aquatic-Dependent Species in the Meramec River
  2. Terrestrial Natural Communities Within the Meramec River Basin
  3. Master List of Key Ecological Attributes and Indicator for Viability Assessment
  4. Viability Assessment Ratings for Meramec River Basin Targets.
  5. Stresses and Threats
  6. All Unified Objectives with References
  7. Research-Based Actions
  8. Acronyms and Glossary

Funding for the project is provided by Crystal Light through a "collaboration for U.S. Freshwater Sustainability" grant.  Support is also provided by The Boeing Company Charitable Trust and the Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis. To learn more about this plan, contact Steve Herrington, The Nature Conservancy's Missouri Director of Freshwater Conservation at, or (314) 968-1105.


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