Trade Lands

The Nature Conservancy accepts gifts of appreciated real estate without significant natural values. These properties -- residential, industrial, and commercial, developed and undeveloped -- are called "trade lands" by the Conservancy.

Trade lands can be donated outright, by will, or through a retained life estate if the property is a personal residence or farm. They can also be used to fund a charitable remainder trust.

If you donate such property, you can make a vital contribution to the Conservancy's land preservation program. A trade land is not protected as a nature sanctuary. It is sold, and the proceeds are used to acquire and protect targeted natural areas.

Trade lands can be any kind of real estate. Homes, ranches, apartment buildings, vacant land, retail centers and office buildings are all examples of the kind of real estate the Conservancy has accepted.

Identical tax treatment is accorded to gifts of trade land and ecologically important land.

You can find more information about trade lands on TNC's worldwide site on the Real Estate (Outright) page in the Gift and Estate Planning section.