Resilient Forests

The northern forests of Michigan are part of a wide swath of forested habitat spanning all the way from northern Ontario in the east to Minnesota in the west. These forests serve as critical habitat for a variety of plants and animals, provide clean air, absorb carbon, filter water and provide year-round recreation and tourism opportunities.

Additionally, these forests are a key economic asset for the state of Michigan, as well as thousands of private landowners and local communities, by supporting a forest products sector with an annual value of over $17 billion.

Michigan’s forests provide so many benefits to nature and people, it is vital that we safeguard them against threats such as pests, disease, climate change and development. Management choices made by landowners are of particular concern, as these life-sustaining forests have, at times, been degraded by management decisions that promote unsustainable timber practices. However, by utilizing data-driven and time-tested sustainable forestry practices, Michigan’s forests can remain resilient and productive despite an uncertain future.


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