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Matt Jackson

Director of Human Resources and Operations

Matt Jackson is Director of Human Resources and Operations for the Michigan program. His career track has brought him through several different industries, most notably banking, and now conservation.

At The Nature Conservancy, Matt is involved with the oversight of information technology systems, human resources, and operations, as well as being involved in various projects, including, bringing project management systems and processes to the chapter so that the same methodologies and best practices that are used in many other businesses can be applied to conservation, business planning, and recruiting.

In his free time, Matt enjoys reading, camping in both the winter and summer seasons along the shores of Lake Superior, while hopefully finding time to downhill ski, backpack, and sea kayak.

Matt has his Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti Michigan, and his Master’s degree from Walsh College of Business in Troy Michigan. He lives in East Lansing with his wife, Marta and their two puppies, Winston and Molly.

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Matt Jackson

Director of Human Resources and Operations