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What is the source of water for Dorchester Brewing Co.'s beer?
We brew with water from the MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resource Authority) coming from the Quabbin Reservoir, which is then filtered and depending on the type and flavor profile of beer, we may also add chemicals. Boston's water is great quality - none of that so-called "Dirty Water"! We find the quality and consistency extremely high and are very happy to be using local water!

Why did you choose Dorchester as the home of your brewery?
Myself and another co-founder, Travis Lee, are both local to Dorchester and wanted to promote the local economy and also bring manufacturing back to Dorchester. I love living and working right in the heart of Boston - Dorchester is a thriving community that I'm lucky enough to be a part of.

How is Dorchester Brewing working to be sustainable or environmentally friendly?
We try throughout our entire brewing process to practice sustainable business practices. A few examples are:
-We take recycling very seriously and recycle every day (a lot!).
-The Majority of our staff lives near the brewery and most walk or bike to work.
-We compost spent grain and also provide large amounts to local farms for feeding livestock.
-We have special led lighting systems installed throughout the 25,000 square foot brewery (over 100k in lights).
-We built our brewery with special systems in place on both of our large coolers to save on energy, saving us quite a bit!

How has nature inspired you?
I love taking time to enjoy nature on a daily basis (we even started growing our own hops outside the brewery right on Mass Ave!). In the brewing process, I find it incredible that a series of simple, wonderfully grown materials can create so many types of beers and (delicious) flavors and aromas. More importantly, it creates communities and happiness.

Anything else you'd like to share?
We are very big on recycling and reducing waste. We encourage people to recycle and respect what has been given to us by nature. To help combat climate change, I believe in doing my part as well as encouraging others to do theirs, such as conserving water and recycling. Simple, basic things just take a few moments of our daily time can make a huge impact long term.


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