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Are You Interested In...
  • Helping the environment?
  • Working with others who share your love of nature?
  • Contributing your time and skills to an organization you believe in?
  • Broadening your resume and life experiences? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we've got some great opportunities for you. Volunteers help The Nature Conservancy devote more of our funds to conservation, keeping our effectiveness high and our costs low.

Get Started

To make your volunteer experience as rewarding and customized as possible, The Nature Conservancy would like to hear more about your interests, skills and availability. The following steps describe the process for how you will be placed in a volunteer role that is mutually beneficial to you and The Nature Conservancy.

  1. Complete and submit the Volunteer Application and Liability Release form (pdf).
  2. Visit our Field Trips and Events page for information about our public volunteer events.
  3. Someone from the Conservancy staff will contact you within 30 days of submission of your application. Please be patient while we review your volunteer application and try to identify an individual volunteer opportunity that meets our needs and suits your interests and skills.

Join the Nassawango Stewardship Committee

Going strong since 1979, Nassawango Creek Preserve's volunteer stewardship committee ranks among the longest-serving groups of preserve volunteers in Conservancy history. Contact Joe Fehrer at jfehrer@tnc.org to learn how you can become a part of this dynamic committee and help ensure the ongoing care of this beloved preserve.

Meet some of our dedicated Nassawango volunteers as they describe their experiences in their own words. 

Michael Conger and Todd Peterson

Todd and Michael

“Joe and Ilia [Fehrer] were the activists, and you need that sometimes to get things started. Nassawango Joe was a quiet leader. This is one of his weed whackers that he gave me, so talk about inspiration, this is it right here.” –Michael Conger (pictured right)

“I like being out here with these guys in the woods and doing some good. It’s just very important to me to give back. And if I can do that and be outside, it’s a double win for me. As this preserve grows, we [the committee] have to grow. We’re the eyes and ears of the Conservancy.” –Todd Peterson (pictured left)

Jack Demorra and Ron Wilson

Ron and Jack“One spring, I was out picking up trash and found an old suitcase. It was very heavy, and not just from water. It held some computer parts, but also a snake came flying out! In a way, we get to take ownership of the preserve and take care of it, try to clean it up. It’s a chance to get out in nature and actually do something worthwhile.” —Jack Demorra (far right)

“I took some canoe trips – several with Nassawango Joe — and just fell in love with the creek. I was born and raised around here, and I always loved the creek. But I appreciated it even more when I saw that it was being preserved. I thought, gee, I want to help with this. I ended up leading a lot of canoe trips.” —Ron Wilson (third from right)

Joe Fehrer, Jr., Coastal and Lower Shore Project Manager

Joe Fehrer“I remember people writing checks on the hoods of their cars after some of those canoe trips. That was how a lot of the funds were raised to protect this place. The stewardship committee came together after the first 150 acres were donated. I was a draftee and probably didn’t want to be there. I was 18 years old at the time."

“When I joined the Conservancy staff years later, I was hired as the land manager. But there’s no way one person could manage this property without this volunteer committee. It’s too long and linear. There are too many boundary lines, and we’ve got a lot of neighbors. This volunteer committee is just exceptional. Without it, our work here would be impossible.” —Joe Fehrer, Jr.

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