Audio Tour

Finzel Swamp Preserve

3 1/2 hours from Baltimore and Washington, DC, this preserve is a window into ice ages past. Finzel is open to the public for birdwatching and nature walks year-round.

Getting Started

Visit the preserve page to plan your visit and then download the audio tour map and Finzel Swamp topic chart (PDF). The numbers marked on the map correspond to the audio files in the tour. You can select and listen to each track from the audio player below or download the files to your mobile device.

Cell service can be unreliable at many of our preserves. We recommend you download the recordings and maps before you visit. Need a little help saving the files? Check out our step-by-step guide!

Audio Files (all MP3)

1. Introduction

2. Finzel Overview

3. Starting the Trail

4. The Edge of the Forest

5. Swamp Vegetation

6.1 First Bridge

6.2 Color of the Water

7. Spring season and frogs

8. Swamp Rose

9. Pass the First Bridge

10. Food for Migrating Birds

11. Tamarack Tree - Second Bridge

12. Water Plants

13. Beaver - Third Bridge

14. Important Birds

15. Last Bridge

16. Pass the Gate

17. Succession at the Gate

18. Finzel through the Seasons

19. Pond and Live in the Water

20. Habitats of Finzel Swamp

21. Serviceberry

22. Rare Butterfly - Fourth Bridge

23. After Second Bridge - Plants

24. Skunk Cabbage and Bear

25. Climate and Pollens

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