Maryland / DC

2017 Annual Impact Report

Message from Maryland/DC Executive Director Tim Purinton

As a New Englander starting work in humid Bethesda in July, I was well aware of having entered a new climate.  I actually could not have picked a better time to migrate south.

The Maryland/DC chapter of The Nature Conservancy is by all accounts in terrific shape and, to play out the metaphor, a great place to land. I have inherited a position that has been in the able hands of Elizabeth Gray and Mark Bryer. It was abundantly apparent, even after a few weeks, that the staff are leaders in their respective fields, and the Board of Trustees are dedicated and highly engaged.

Prior to my migration from Boston, I was the Director of the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, within the Commonwealth’s Department of Fish and Game. It is an agency I co-created in 2009 to help the state adapt to climate change, provide clean water, revitalize cities and protect wildlife. Importantly, we found that investing in these conservation efforts spurred economic growth and improved quality of life. Sound familiar?

The idea that growth and prosperity are linked to a healthy environment is something that The Nature Conservancy has demonstrated for years. Over the span of my career, I have built partnerships and alliances to advance conservation work and drive innovation. I’ve partnered with sportswomen, shellfishermen, farmers, citizen activists, volunteers, engineers and politicians. As we tackle the most pressing environmental issues of our generation, we will need to forge diverse alliances like these, in sometimes unexpected places.

In the end, strong relationships underpin every great conservation accomplishment, and I am excited to help build upon these partnerships in Maryland and D.C.

Explore conservation highlights and successes from 2017
  • SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. Engaging with Maryland’s largest industry, agriculture, to keep nutrients on farms and out of our streams and rivers.   
  • NATURE IN CITIES. Focusing on green solutions and the power of nature to help make cities resilient and livable places where both people and nature thrive.
  • RESILIENT COASTS. Helping our coastal communities plan for and adapt to a continually changing climate and rising seas.
  • HEALTHY FORESTS. Protecting and restoring healthy, connected forests that can enable habitats, wildlife and communities to thrive and persist in the face of a changing climate.
  • POLICY HIGHLIGHTS. Working with elected officials to advance policies that address the environmental challenges we face is an essential conservation strategy.
  • LEADERS IN SCIENCE. Our dedicated scientists are constantly adapting and improving our approach to ensure the best outcomes for people and nature.



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