Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program

The Maine Natural Resource Conservation Program (MNRCP) – which is administered by The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – was created to manage the allocation of funds collected through Maine’s In Lieu Fee Compensation Program. This voluntary program allows entities that are impacting natural resources, primarily wetlands, to make a payment directly to DEP as an alternative to the traditional mitigation process. Fees collected by DEP are deposited in a Natural Resource Conservation Fund administered by the Conservancy. Funds are then awarded through a competitive grants process to projects that restore, enhance, or preserve high quality natural resources throughout the State of Maine.

To Apply for Funding:
MNRCP funding rounds are typically announced in June of each year. Public agencies, non-profit conservation organizations and municipalities are encouraged to submit a letter of intent for eligible restoration and preservation projects in Maine. Applicants whose proposed projects meet the program’s requirements are invited to submit full proposals. Proposals are evaluated by a Review Committee, convened by DEP, and made up of public and nonprofit entities. Final allocation decisions are made in December of each year by an Approval Committee comprised of state and federal agencies. The Nature Conservancy administers the process but does not decide which proposals receive funding.

Alex Mas, The Nature Conservancy in Maine

Other Information

• Review Committee & Approval Committee Members (pdf)