Moosehead Forest Easement: Now a Reality!

See how YOU have helped us protect nature and tradition in the heart of Maine.

Years in the works, the Moosehead Forest easement protects 363,000 acres near Greenville, Maine, and is the second-largest easement in the US. Photo © Josh Royte/TNC

For centuries, the lands and waters in Maine's Moosehead region have been popular for fishing, hunting and enjoying the outdoor world. Here, the Dunn brothers relax at their hunting camp near Moosehead Lake in 1888. Photo © Maine Historical Society

Managed for forest products for generations, landowner Plum Creek began working with The Nature Conservancy, Appalachian Mountain Club, Forest Society of Maine and other partners to designate areas suitable for protection and sustainable forestry. Photo © Rod Vogel/TNC

Finalized in May 2012, the Moosehead easement is now held by the Forest Society of Maine. Some of the lands are also protected by conservation easement that you've supported through the Sustainable Maine, Sustainable Planet Campaign. Click to see map by Dan Coker/TNC

The conserved area included 200 miles of lake shore and includes lands near Moosehead -- the second-largest lake in New England -- as well as 68 other lakes and ponds. Photo © Bruce Kidman/TNC

The easement guarantees public access for canoeing, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing and camping at designated sites. Photo © Rod Vogel/TNC

The easement also ensures that sustainable forestry will protect hundreds of stream miles and habitat for brook trout and dozens of other species. Sustainable orestry will contribute to the local economy and allow the forest to provide necessary products. Photo © Rod Vogel/TNC

The easement conserves habitat for dozens of protected fish and wildlife species, as well as 30 sites that have been identified as habitat for rare and endangered plants. Here's a pitcher plant. Photo © Josh Royte/TNC

"This forest is one of the healthiest is one of the healthiest temperate forests on earth," says Maine State Director Mike Tetreault. "Our goal is to ensure it stays this way." Photo © Josh Royte/TNC

Thanks to your support, this remarkable place will remain open to all and sustainable for Maine's future. Photo © Josh Royte/TNC


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