The Nature Conservancy in Maine

To contact a staff member, please call 207-729-5181.

State Director
Kate Dempsey

Associate State Director
Alexandre Mas, Associate State Director/Director of Conservation

Conservation Programs and Protection
Jeremy Bell, River and Coastal Restoration Director
Mark Berry, Forest Program Director
Susan Caldwell, Conservation Coordinator
Dan Coker, Senior Spatial Scientist
David Courtemanch, Freshwater Science & Policy Analyst
Andy Cutko, Director of Science
Sue Downs, Grant Administrator
Kathy Jensen, Conservation Information Services Manager
Nicole LaBarge, GIS Assistant
Erik Martin, Spatial Ecologist
Ben Matthews, Watershed Restoration Specialist
Bill Patterson, Northern Maine Program Director
Molly Payne Wynne, Freshwater Conservation Coordinator
Joshua Royte, Senior Conservation Scientist
Geoffrey Smith, Gulf of Maine Program Director

Nancy Sferra, Director of Stewardship and Ecological Management
Jonathan Bailey, Southern Maine Preserves Manager
Jeanne Desjardins, Stewardship Program Assistant
Dan Grenier, Maine Preserves Manager
Doug Radziewicz, Indian Point-Blagden Preserve Steward

Communications and Government Relations
Thomas Abello, Director of External Affairs
Tim Paul, Communications and Marketing Manager
Tamara Lee Pinard, Community Initiatives Manager
Rob Wood, Policy Associate

Leah Gailey, Director of Development
Bridget Edmonds, Director of Donor Stewardship
Adam Kessler, Senior Associate Director of Development
Sarah Lutte, Senior Associate Director of Development
Sarah Schechter, Events Coordinator
Kathy Sylvester, Major Gifts Manager
Kelsie Tardif, Development Assistant

Operations and Administration
Maggie Stone, Director of Operations
Joanne Hollenbeck, Executive Assistant
Theresa McKittrick, Office Manager
Randy Rice, Technology/Information Operations Manager
Kevin Scribner, Finance Manager