Behind the Scenes in Maine with American Loggers

What happens when you mix sustainable forestry with reality TV?

Planning is the most critical step, ensuring the balance of this remarkable forest's natural assets with a commercial timber harvest.

Soft afternoon light filters through the snow and trees in the Conservancy's St. John River Forest, one of the Maine woods' most beautiful and vast landscapes.

On snowshoes, Conservancy staffers Bill Patterson and Nancy Sferra join forester Jim O'Malley on a tour of the St. John River Forest to plan future timber harvests.

The logging camp serves as a temporary home for the crew during the harvest at the Conservancy's St. John River Forest.

American Loggers videographers tape the planned harvest with Conservancy staff and the logging crew.

An American Loggers videographer captures the watchful eye of forester Jim O'Malley.

The crew takes GPS coordinates to keep track of the logging operation.

Forester Jim O'Malley (left) and Conservancy staffers Nancy Sferra and Bill Patterson watch the operation from a safe distance.

The American Loggers crew captures the discussion alongside the loggers' machinery.

On this chilly day, the logging crew confers about the next steps for the logging operation, making sure the work leaves the land in good shape.

Fully loaded, a truck hauls a load of logs out of the forest.