Chain Saw Gang BBQ

On May 15, 2013, we held a BBQ to say "Thank you" to the members of the Chain Saw Gang for all of their hard work and dedication over the years.

Looks like everyone's having a good time!

We love our volunteers! Especially when they bring yummy, homemade cookies!

Cheryl Ann and Jean share stories with the Chain Saw Gang.

This is a pretty close knit group after the last 14 years of working together.

Board of Trustees member, Buck Moyse, came out to visit with staff, meet our volunteers, and enjoy Mary Ann Brown preserve.

Harriett Pooler swaps stories with the Chain Saw Gang.

Story time over dessert.

It was such a beautiful day to bring everyone together at Mary Ann Brown.

Volunteers share stories with staff members.

Come and get it!

There was plenty of coleslaw, baked beans, garlic bread, grilled chicken, sausage and brisket for everyone!

Members of the Chain Saw Gang pose for a group shot with their new t-shirts.