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  • 1998, the NSFO’s primary focus for volunteers has been established as an restoration project and which is our annual winter Longleaf Pine Seedling Planting.

The Northshore Field Office (NSFO) is the largest field office of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Louisiana.  The office is nestled in the beautiful forested landscape of in Money Hill, a former campground that is fondly remembered by many locals in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.  The NSFO manages approximately 11,200 acres in St. Tammany and Washington Parish.

Since, 1998, the NSFO’s primary focus for volunteers has been established as an restoration project and which is our annual winter Longleaf Pine Seedling Planting.  Special emphasis is given to The Abita Flatwoods Preserve, the 950-acre public preserve in St. Tammany Parish located near Abita Springs, Louisiana, and nearby the NSFO.  At this preserve, you can view pine-dominated wetland communities, including longleaf pine savanna, longleaf flatwoods, bayhead, slash pine/pond cypress woodland, and riparian forest. You can also see the carnivorous pitcher plant from a boardwalk that runs through portions of the preserve.

This preserve, in the past, has been the site of numerous volunteer projects, some of which have included the building of the boardwalk, annual tree planting, trail maintenance, and trail blazing, removal of invasive plant species, and the development of birding checklists.  An example of the various types of participants in the NSFO volunteer program include individuals, organized corporate work-days, Louisiana’s Youth Challenge program for at-risk youth, AmeriCorps, local and out-of state student projects, and development of birding checklists for this area.

On Sunday, January 17, 2010, 61 volunteers and 9 staff members gathered for NSFO’s Annual Tree Planting and were scheduled to plant 3000 longleaf pine seedlings at this preserve.  The group convened at 9:00 a.m. and were finished by noon.  The finish time is important in Louisiana, because conservation and football go hand-in-hand.  The group was done in plenty of time to watch the outcome of the game between the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings.  The Saints were one win from their first trip to the Super Bowl and there was much excitement among the volunteers with their shared passion of TNC and the Saints!

In 2010, TNC’s NSFO was asked again (for its second year) to provide a volunteer opportunity for The Oak Crest Day Camp/Pine Grove Day Camp, located in Somerset, New Jersey, who coordinates a weeklong volunteer week in the New Orleans area for various non-profit groups.

On a hot and steamy humid Louisiana day, July 27, 2010, the NSFO hosted 17 New Jersey High School students along with their two (2) chaperones to provide a full workday for them.  The students performed trail and boardwalk maintenance along with removal of targeted invasive species at the Abita Flatwoods Preserve.  Upon the agreed scheduled quitting time, the students assembled at the TNC Field Office for information on how to and why they may consider to become involved in conservation along with various career paths (conservation, stewardship, science, information technology, administration, human resources, legal, etc.) that The Nature Conservancy offers.  The following is excerpts from the emails from Denise Martinez, Volunteer Coordinator upon conclusion of the volunteer project.

“The reception from you and your staff was great and the experience was worthwhile.  I am anxious to see what the plan is for next year . . . but I must say that the kids enjoyed the day with yall the best.  It was long and hot but they learned a lot.” 

The NSFO contacts its volunteers via email to share information about volunteer opportunities in Louisiana.  From time-to-time, other important conservation efforts of TNC’s partners are made available.

You may contact for more information and to request to be added to the Volunteer Roster.  Please put NSFO Volunteer in the subject line.