Road Tripping in Louisiana

A Three Day Journey Across the State

Rick Jacob reviews the map of CC Road Savanna with Jen Browning.

A lesson in longleaf from Rick Jacob.

Longleaf pine at CC Road Savanna.

Longleaf pine and native grasses at CC Road Savanna.

Blazing Star was in full bloom at CC Road Savanna.

Dan Weber and Jen Browning look at a map of Bayou Dorcheat before heading onto the property.

A beautiful hardwood forest at Bayou Dorcheat.

Cypress knees poke up out of the beaver pond at Bayou Dorcheat.

Cypress trees grow among the hardwoods and pines at Bayou Dorcheat.

This turtle was making his way through the woods at Bayou Dorcheat.

Johnny Armstrong, a Legacy Club member, smiles for the camera with TNC staff member, Jen Browning.

Upland hardwood forest at Wafer Creek Ranch.

Wafer Creek Ranch is a great example of private landowner restoration.

Dan Weber explains details of our Mollicy work to State Director, Keith Ouchley, and Board of Trustees member, Harris Brown.

State Director, Keith Ouchley, walks along the restored stream bed at Mollicy Farms.

The Mollicy Farms floodplain restoration is a BIG project!

A view towards the Ouachita River from Mollicy Farms.