Legacy Club - Louisiana

In May 2014, we hosted Louisiana members of the Legacy Club at our Cypress Island Preserve.

Kacy King, Cypress Island Preserve Manager, welcomes our Legacy Club members and tells them the story of how she got involved in natural resource protection.

Kacy must have said something funny, everyone's laughing.

One of our long-time Legacy Club members and volunteers joined us on this field trip.

Nothing but smiles!

Our superstar of the day is a 98 year-old lady from Baton Rouge.  She was truly an inspiration to everyone there.

Kacy King found a Roseate spoonbill in the rookery and set up the scope for everyone to see. Thanks Kacy!

What a beautiful day to be outside!

During lunch, Keith Ouchley, spoke about the importance of our Legacy Club members and expressed gratitude for their commitment to conservation.

Stacy Raine, from TNC's World Office, had the chance to meet some of our Legacy Club members in Louisiana.

Here's everyone who made it out to Cypress Island Preserve on that lovely spring day!