Mollicy Bayou Restoration

2.5 miles of restoration work

One of two levee breaches at the northern end of Mollicy Farms to reconnect Shiloh Creek with its headwaters.

Decades of agriculture left the internal hydrology at Mollicy highly altered.  Blocking straight line ditches and redirecting water through natural channels is part of the restoration strategy.

High water in 2009 led to unplanned breaks in the levee surrounding Mollicy Farms.  The Ouachita River is in the background, and the light colored soil on the lower right and darker soil in the foreground was deposited from the blown-out levee.

The second of two breaches constructed to reconnect Shiloh Creek with its historic watershed to the north of Mollicy Farms.

The largest levee breach was constructed at the site of a former pump structure used to drain Mollicy Farms during its former agricultural life.

Mollicy Bayou filled in during agricultural operations, and stayed that way until 2013 when TNC re-dug more than 2.5 miles of bayou channel.

The newly restored Mollicy Bayou shortly after construction in 2013.