Using Science to Make Wise Water Use Decisions

Using Science to Make Decisions About Water

The Freshwater Assessment, which features a freely-available on-line platform and decision-support tool, is a science-based evaluation of watershed health, water quality, river and stream flow, and biological health of all major watersheds in the state.

The assessment will analyze groundwater resources in Louisiana’s major aquifers, and will address the connection between the state’s freshwater resources and our coastal wetlands. With over 125,000 miles of rivers, bayous, and streams and abundant rainfall, water will continue to be inextricably linked to Louisiana’s fish and wildlife resources, economy and culture. The future sustainability of Louisiana’s natural resources, its drinking water, and economic development, will only be realized by guaranteeing a high quality and sustainable freshwater supply.  

“We designed this system as a user-friendly tool that will help decision-makers and stakeholders make water management decisions based on sound-science and good data.  Given the vast amount of information available in different forms and locations, we wanted to develop a platform that provides the opportunity to use the best, most recent and comprehensive information available to support policy development, the design of conservation strategies, as well as education and outreach efforts.”~ Keith Ouchley, Louisiana State Director

This decision-support tool is constantly being updated and improved to incorporate the latest data and expand capabilities.  Please stop back often to see our latest work.


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