Kentucky Board of Trustees

Marc Hindorff

Marc Hindroff joined the Conservancy's Kentucky Board of Trustees in 2014.

Marc Hindorff thrives in his role as Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager at Brown-Forman. However, according to him, he didn’t get there the conventional way.

“These days, many from the millennial generation are pursuing actual degrees tailored to this field,” says Hindorff, who isn’t much older than those twenty-somethings. “I took a more round-about route.”

With MBA in hand, Hindorff began his business career in sales in the spirits and wine industry. That evolved into promoting and marketing the products and their responsible use. Along the way, he met Rob Frederick, Brown-Forman’s Vice President of Corporate Sustainability, who introduced a new aspect of the business. Eventually a job materialized and the former west coast resident is now settled in Louisville with his wife and 8-year old son.

Adds Hindorff, “There has been a learning curve but I am so happy with where I’ve landed – and now serving on The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky’s board is icing on the cake.”

His learning curve has been aided by his young son who is passionate about all things outdoors, leading Hindorff to take his first camping trip, become a Cub Scout den leader and organize father-son fishing trips that are great fun even if nothing’s biting.

“His enthusiasm and curiosity pushes me to seek out nature more and strive to be a role model for appreciating and taking care of the natural world,” says Hindorff. “Because of his interests and what he teaches me every day, my positions with Brown-Forman and now with the Conservancy tie many aspects of my personal and professional life together.”

In his new role on the Conservancy’s Kentucky Board of Trustees, Hindorff plans on consulting regularly with his 8-year old advisor. He also aims to put his sales, marketing and corporate responsibility experience to use for a greater cause -- even if it means pursuing a more unconventional route!